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Charlotte's Law Degree, 05/05/07: Click here:

Calvin's Christmas, 12/25/07: Click here:

Calvin's 5th Birthday Party, 11/11/06: Click here:

Aunt Annie's 97th Birthday Party, 09/11/06: Click here:

Maggie Graduates from College, 6/17/06: Click here:

Winter 2006: Floods, Christmas and Global Warming: Click here:

RJD's 80th Birthday, 11/12/05 : Click here:

Christmas, 12/25/04 : Click here:

Calvin's 3rd Birthday Party, 11/13/04: Click here:

Return of the Ohio Bunch, 10/31/04: Click here:

Calvin with Camera, 06/25/04: Click here:

Calvin's Dead Cat, 04/30/04: Click here:

Some Santa Cruz Scenery (Various times/dates)

Surfer in Fog Body Boarders
Waves at The Cove More Waves at The Cove
The Tourist Train More Tourist Train
World Famous Cement Train More Cement Train
Surf Past the Point Aunt Traudl at Home
Storm at West End More Storm at West End
Light House Point Light House Point in Storm
Light House Field Seal Rock
Aunt Gretchen at Seabright Beach Four Birds
West End on a Perfect Day Monterey Bay in Storm
Montery Bay from Chaminade Monterey Bay from Seabright
Sea Otter with Surfers  

Christmas morning in Santa Cruz, 12/25/03: Click here:

Thanksgiving, 11/27/03: Click here:

Calvin Turns Two, 11/13/03: Click here:

R.I.P. EJB, 10/10/03: Click here:

Laura's New Digs, 10/4/03: Click here:

Gay, Lesbian and Democrat Pride Parade, 6/1/03: Click here:

Working on the Railroad, 4/25/03: Click here:

Calvin's Easter, 04/20/03: Click here:

RJD Vacation 2/8/03 - 2/18/03: Click here:

Calvin Strutting Around, 01/01/03: Click here:

Calvin Cops Christmas Candy, 12/19/02: Click here:

Big Storm and the day after, 12/18/02: Click here:

Thanskgiving, 11/28/02: Click here:

Calvin's First Birthday Party: Click here:

First Storm of the Season, 11/8/02: Click here:

The Great October 27 Santa Cruz Anti-War March: Click here:

Kiss my Brick: Click here:

2002 Wharf to Wharf Race: Click here:

The Ohio Bunch (suitable for viewing by folk in Arkansas)

John, Sheila, RJD Kevin & Laura
Joanne Jack
Sophie Klara
Coffee table from hell Unusual collections

Family Pictures (perhaps unexciting)

Calvin 9/22 Calvin 9/22
Calvin 8/11 Calvin 8/11
Lt. Char's Air Transportation Lt. Char's Wheels
Lt. Char on the Job Lt Char Swearing
The Unknown Family RJD at Salvation Army
RJD with Calvin More RJD with Calvin
RJD at Twin Lakes RJD by streetcar pilings
RJD at Harbor Aunt Gretta at Harbor Beach
Calvin More Calvin
Maggie and Calvin More Maggie and Calvin
Link and Calvin Maggie, Char and Calvin
Perk, Maggie and Calvin More Perk, Maggie and Calvin
Perk and Miz Miz working at Seabright

Perk's New Wheels

Maggie & Linc's Wedding

Crowd at wedding More wedding crowd
Still more wedding crowd Maggie & Charlotte
Mike & Ryan Perk at wedding
Calvin and friend Ryan
Men waiting for it to get underway Maggie
Ceremony 1/6 Ceremony 2/6
Ceremony 3/6 Ceremony 4/6
Ceremony 5/6 Ceremony 6/6
THE kiss Four generations at once
THE couple More of THE couple
THE cake Cake eating contest
More cake eating contest The toast
RJD THE ring
Ring closeup Dancing
More dancing Last dancing

Juvenile Sea Lions Under The Wharf

Calvin's Day at The Brewery

Arturo RJD and Calvin
Linc and Calvin Linc at Prayer
Miz on Duty, as Usual Calvin on Break
Perk, Avoiding Camera Calvin by Pond
RJD Caught by Maggie

Calvin Enjoys Things

Calvin Standing Around Calvin Spies Beer
He Wants Beer And He Goes for It
Gets Put in the Penalty Box To Take a Break from the Sun

Lt. Charlotte's Black Belt Test

1. Ready to Begin 2. A flip
3. A Pin 4. Another Flip...
5. And Back to the Mats 6. Twist...
7. And Flip Again 8. Royal Rumble Begins
9. Winning the Royal Rumble 10. Char and Mike Afterward
11. The Award 12. Ryan Don't Get No Respect
13. Lt. Brown